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What is GoFundMe?

GoFundMe is the largest donation collection website in the world, which has been able to raise more than 5 million dollars. With this page you can share your story through social networks, raise funds easily and free.

With GoFundMe you can create a fundraising campaign for a friend or family member. In the same way, you can raise funds for your medical expenses, education, funerals and even for pets.

For example, Jim Mendoza is using GoFundMe to raise money and cover medical expenses. Since he survived miraculously after being trapped in a snowstorm for two days, when he arrived at the hospital he was diagnosed with kidney cancer. The goal of Mendoza is to raise $ 20 thousand dollars and to date has been able to raise $ 18 thousand dollars.

How does GoFundMe work?

1. Create a campaign
The first step is to create a fundraising campaign in GoFundMe using your email or Facebook account. In the campaign you can share your story, photos, video, the amount of money you need and why you need it.

2. Share the campaign on social networks
After creating the campaign you can share it via email, Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp, in order to receive the support of family and friends.

3. Receive the funds
With GoFundMe you can get all the donations you receive by means of a bank transfer.

Also with GoFundMe you can make fundraising as a team. The new tool of GoFundMe allows you to collaborate with the members of your team to get more followers and keep track of donations. In the same way, you can manage your team and motivate them to get more funds.

Benefits of GoFundMe
GoFundMe does not penalize you if you do not reach the goal and you can keep all the donations you receive. If there is a problem with the campaign, GoFundMe can reimburse all the money you have collected. Similarly, GoFundMe does not charge a commission for the money raised. GoFundMe is a free platform, the application is available for Androids and iPhones.

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