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What are the advantages of smartwatches?

What are the advantages of smartwatches?

A smartwatch, if we define it literally, means a smartwatch and it becomes a miniaturized computer, with the appearance of a clock and that apart from giving the time it offers us many other features, among which we can highlight: Internet access via wifi or Bluetooth through the smartphone. GPS and compass. Accelerometer. Making and receiving phone calls. Receiving and sending emails. etc. Most of the current models only serve as an interface for the Smartphone, but there are some independent models and as a curiosity the latest invention of Google, the smartwatch capable of drawing blood without needles!

At another level we must consider the activity or Fitbit bracelets that are halfway between a smartwatch and a simple physical activity monitor, depending on the model. Although as we know them today, the first smartwatches began to be marketed in 2012, we could affirm that already in the 80s the first steps were made with those Casio watches that incorporated a calculator.

Today, these devices, which are already in their third generation, have the same processing power as a computer of no more than 3 years ago. Having clarified the concept, the million-dollar question is whether it is worth spending the money to buy one of them. The answer is not easy and it obviously depends on the person and the ease of each one to get the most out of this gadget, because like the Smartphone, surely a large part of the users, may only use a small part of their possibilities. In order to be able to give an objective answer, I am going to expose you, from my point of view, the possible advantages and possible disadvantages of these new devices and which I hope will help you make a clearer decision on whether to purchase one or not.

Advantages of the Smartwatch

Starting from the basis that there are already models capable of performing almost the same as a Smartphone, but with some limitations, I think that is the main advantage of these devices. Having a device on your wrist capable of notifying you of the arrival of an email and reading it from your wrist without having to access the Smartphone provides an advantage in various situations such as a work meeting or playing sports. We can also use it to guide us by giving us directions to get to a certain point or take photos more discreetly. In short, having all these functionalities on the bracelet is much more comfortable than having to use the Smartphone, it makes life easier for us in some way.

Another remarkable aspect is versatility.

These devices allow you to change the appearance of the screen, which for some users may be attractive, giving the feeling of having a different clock every few weeks, for example. In the very near future, I believe that smartwatches, along with the advancement of what is called the Internet of Things, will be a fundamental element in home automation.

Let’s think that we could control all the devices in our house that are connected to the internet (lights, alarm, curtains, fridge, etc.) from our smartwatch. In the coming months, I am sure that we will find many more advantages or needs to be exploited through a smartwatch. When consumers adopt this gadget as their own and sales increase, new usage needs will surely appear, which the market will generate from the experience of use.


We cannot say today whether smartwatch will be able to revolutionize our lives as you have done smartphones in such a short time. The future is not written, but if manufacturers are able to generate in the consumer the need for this gadget through, for example, functionality that cannot be covered by another type of device or a differential use experience, I am sure that in a very short time We will all carry a smartwatch on our wrist, in the same way that we carry one or more Smartphone in our pockets.


IP68 Waterproof Smart Watch Women Lovely Bracelet

THE watch is beautiful! It has a great definition, works very well and the battery lasts over 3 days using all its functions. THE color is beautiful rose-Golden. The seller is helpful and sent super fast.

Excellent product, all is according to the description, it took me a while to find the app correct because the iPhone failed to read the QR CODE. All as the seller describes. Not heavy, not very big. The app downloaded what is recommended. There were no problems. The watch is fully charged, let’s see how much is enough. Notifications displays that come to the phone. Then I’ll watch them and add a tip. As a gift put a keychain and bracelet. Trifle but nice.


And so, the clock came to half-charged, the standard application works not bad but it was not visible text from Whatsapp, but in the app wear health all began to work perfectly and Whatsapp and telegrams and Messenger Facebook. The charge lasts for two days (depends on the settings), in general, it is very convenient to report all notifications, measurements Pulse and pressure are quite accurate (can be in the application to hold Adjustment), a good function to find your phone (often somewhere at home lies), the steps counts well, you can take photos with a swing of the hand with the clock, calories burned shows normally. With full battery charge, vibrates once. In general, I advise the clock, look good.

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New F9 Wireless Headphones Bluetooth 5.0

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