Make money writing original articles.

Make money writing original articles.

If you are good writing, this is for you. This website is looking for people who write articles for website owners or for other purposes. But they have some rules like the next:

NOT SUBMIT COPIED CONTENT, EVEN IF YOU WROTE THE ORIGINAL, not, in whole or in part, be copied from external sources, coincide with texts that have been accepted for other assignments, or coincide with articles that you have already published. Copied content will be rejected. Multiple copied submissions will result in the closure of your account.


Textbroker brings clients and authors together. 

No other article writing service makes buying content this quick and simple. Why are we the planet’s leading content creation marketplace? Whether you need blog posts, product descriptions or entire outreach campaigns, Textbroker provides custom, high-quality content to fit.

We’ve made it effortless to find U.S.-based content writers to meet any budget or quality requirements. Use our straightforward 2- to 5-star rating system to order original content. Get your message across, create genuine added value and heighten client loyalty without filler, fluff or errors. After all, “each word counts.”


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