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A website called

The other day I navigate thru the internet and find this website called Look very good but I know always have a catch. This website is good for people who make their own products like handcraft or something like that.

The free store is very cool and gives you the opportunity to upload 30 items. You can upload more items “but”, you have to pay for the upgrade. At the end of the day, if you want to resell products the upgrade option is the best because give you the option to upload up to 30,000 items.

Also, you can use a sub-domain or a domain you own but they give you hosting. All the designs are mobile and tablet ready and will work on any device. They have a lot of features, one is you can Add your Instagram gallery to your store for that extra wow factor. Invite shoppers to contribute bought products. Also, Connect your store to all of your social media channels with Social Media Icons embedded into every page.

I give 4 stars because of the limitation in items for the free account. To read all the features click the next banner.


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