Don’t try before read this review

Don’t try before read this review

Don’t try before reading this review. is a website for, like they said, “A tool to exchange video views between a community of users around the world.
Watch videos from others, they will watch yours.” I sign up this website yesterday. When I found on Google search looks like going to be a good website for my Youtube Videos. For each video, you earn “1” point.

Firstable, the popup window system for the new video you going to view, don’t close after finish the time set up. Because of that, if you see 20 videos for example, you going to have 20 windows open in your browser. So I have to install Firefox. In Firefox work perfectly. But after I accumulate 2000 points, I try to set up my first video again, because when I start I don’t have any points, so I think when I have more points I set up my video.

When I try to set up the time and the points I going to “pay” for every view, the system doesn’t let me set up, only if I Upgrade the account. Also, they don’t have any form of contact, no email, no support or a telephone number, NOTHING.

So, for me, is a Scam. Don’t try or visit their website. I try Social Signal and I have better results, I pay a small fee but it is better.

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