Review of: and

Review of: and


2 New Websites. Don’t spend your time.

Recently, new websites have emerged claiming that you can earn hundreds of dollars a month. Two of those who have been able to verify the scam are and If you manage to register and look at the format of both, you will realize that they are the same. Do not waste your time producing money for them. The only ones who make money are them.

You supposedly make money by referring others using your personal link. But if you want to earn more, you must complete offers that are paid to the owner of the site each time you complete an offer. They never tell you that there are requirements to withdraw your money. When you complete the minimum number of referrals and the number of offers required to withdraw your money, they continue to require you to complete other requirements.

After all, they never deposit your money but you have produced money from them. Do NOT recommend these sites or waste your time trying to make money with them. It’s just other scam of the internet.

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